KGA English Guide
We, Kamakura Guide Association, are a group of volunteer tour guides who specializes in Kamakura and its vicinities and provides guide services on a reasonable fee basis. Our primary focus is to introduce to visitors the places of historical and cultural interest as well as scenic spots in the Kamakura area. In 1991, we started as Kamakura Senior Volunteer Guide Association with members who underwent the training program sponsored by Kamakura City. Since 2002, we have been internally training new tour guides with our own program. In 2009, our organization was remodeled as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and started anew under the name of Kamakura Guide Association. In 2017, we provided guide services for about 26,000 guests (mainly Japanese), and have about 120 active members currently working for our organization. More than ten members are available as tour guides in English, including several members with the National Guide Certificate (English).
1.Guide Fee:500 yen per guest with a minimum fee of 3,000 yen for groups of 6 or less.
2.Guide Hours: Maximum of 5 hours (regularly between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.) per day.
3.Other Expenses: The expenses for transportation, restaurants, entrance fees to temples and shrines, etc. not only for guests but also for guides, if they incur, are all borne by the guests, though entrance fees do not apply to our guides in most temples and shrines in Kamakura.
4.Payment: The guide fee and other expenses should be paid by the guest in cash at the time the guide service ends each day.
5.In principle, we do not book hotels, restaurants, limousine taxis, etc. for guests.
6.Neither Kamakura Guide Association nor our guides are liable for any injury, illness, theft and/or damage to belongings, or guest becoming lost that may occur during the guide service. Guests should apply for insurance that covers such injuries or losses by themselves, if necessary.
If you'd like to apply for our guide service in English, please fill in and submit the Application Form, or email us at, at least seven (7) days prior to your desired guide service day. Your email should have the title “Request for English Guide in Kamakura” and include the following information:
a.Your full name
c.Address in Japan (hotel name, etc.)
d.Contact information: email address or phone number
e.Number of guests in your party
f.Date and time of our guide service
g.Requested tour course or locations to visit, if any (if you need any suggestions, let us know)
h.Any other requests or remarks, if any